Kickoff Meeting

MEPI Kick off meeting3

A kickoff meeting was held on September 27, 2013 at the Center headquarters –Beirut, Lebanon. The meeting brought together ACRLI’s team, national associates in Jordan and Egypt, and the international partner Eurasia foundation to define the base element for the project and other project planning activities including the roles of and the contributions from the stakeholders. The meeting included a presentation by the chief technical advisor, Dr. Wassim Harb, on the project; its objectives and the methodology to be adopted to write the analysis reports in both Jordan and Egypt, and the project action plan. The meeting was followed by explanatory interventions from the former Minister of Justice of Jordan, Dr. Ayman Odeh, and Egyptian expert, Dr. Salameh Arab, about the current status of Bankruptcy system in both Jordan and Egypt and the previous experiences in the Bankruptcy Law reform in the two countries; and presentation by Eurasia Foundation regarding the approach of the media promotional campaign that will be applied to build skills and capacities of the multi-stakeholder networks who will advocate for bankruptcy law reform platform.

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